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Is it easy to find good talent?

Hard work quote

Is it easy to find good talent? We hope so. Today we started sharing the job description for our first team member... our Community Manager.

We believe the first half of the quote is true. Talent is common. Every individual person on this planet, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, employed and unemployed has God-given talent. It is sometimes undiscovered or uncultivated or neglected. But it is present.

This is good news. The multitude of humanity which is sometimes seen as a burden is also our greatest resource. The solutions to some of our most pressing problems (poverty, lack of education, conflict, etc) will come from this multitude as they creatively apply their unique talents.

The bad news is the second half of the quote is also true. While talent is common, hard work is sometimes scarce. How do we model and encourage hard work so it becomes more common? That is the question.

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