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The choice between perfection and action

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we are often taken out of our area of expertise. We studied marketing and we worked in marketing, but suddenly we find ourselves setting up the operations of a new company or trying to hire our first employee. Usually this makes us uncomfortable. We read books and try to glean from the experience of others around us, but in the end we still feel overwhelmed and we are faced with a choice.

Wait or Act?

If we wait, we can continue learning and make a better decision. We can take advice from another friend, read an insightful article or listen to one more podcast. Perhaps, if we are not too hasty we can learn more and make a decision with confidence and certainty.

The problem with waiting

The problem with waiting is that days turn into weeks and weeks into months. The next thing you know, a year has passed and we are still waiting. It could be a big decision like starting the company or hiring our first employee. Or it might be a smaller decision, like increasing our marketing budget or making a pivot with our service. Waiting on a decision may seem like the wise choice, but we need to be careful. It can paralyze and even kill our company if we are not careful.

Error on the side of action

As entrepreneurs, we need to be constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow. It can be through classes, books, meet-up or seminars. However, we must never let our indecision or our desire for perfection hinder our work. Always lean towards action. Always error on the side of action. Action is scary because it often brings mistakes. But with action (and mistakes) we will learn more than all our peers, books, articles, seminars and podcasts can teach us.

Today, error on the side of action! The world needs more men and women willing to chose action over perfection.

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