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Are you too old for the start-up game?

Is time running out? As we reach our mid-30's and into our 40's and beyond, some begin to fear they missed their chance. Opportunities to take bold steps in new directions may seem scarce or nonexistent. Starting a new company in your 30's or 40's might seem impossible.

Today there is good new for the "old" ones in the audience and a dose of reality for the "young" ones. A recent MIT study of 2.7 million entrepreneurs from 2007 until 2014 showed the average age of a company founder that hired just 1 employee was 41.9 years. The average age of the entrepreneur that started a high-growth company was 45 years old.

For those of you in your 30's, 40's and 50's, dreaming of starting a company, this is good news. Perhaps all of your career and life experience has brought you to a place where you are ready to open your own company. We know the world is in need of innovative goods and services, as well as good jobs. Hello middle-aged men and women... this may be your time to play the start-up game. We need you.

For those of you in your 20's or younger, dreaming of starting a company, this may be a dose of reality. We need all of your zeal, energy and creativity. But it might be wise for you to get some experience. Work for someone else in the industry where you want to birth you start-up. Find other start-ups and see how you can serve and learn from them. Be willing to persevere through a few hard jobs and perhaps a few hard start-ups. For every Mark Zuckerberg with his billions, there are a few thousand Mark Smiths living in their parents' spare bedroom and playing video games. Learn the perseverance now, so that if you really good idea is your 20th idea and comes when your 45 years old, you'll still be playing the start-up game. We also need you.

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